We offer secure email accounts including calendars and address books that synchronize to all your devices. The data is stored in our very own data center in Switzerland and cannot be accessed by spy programs such as PRISM, so there will be no spying. There is also no corporate spying, because we show no advertisements. Enjoy the convenience of the Cloud without compromising freedom and openness.

Have a look at the features we are offering or look at some screenshots of our beautiful web interface. Experience the simplicity and elegance of the Kolab web client made brand-new of Kolab 3 technology.

You can use many programs to access your MyKolab.com account. Here's some examples:

We also provide an overview of the pricing and available options.

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What the Press Says About Us

"Its email and calendar services are completely secure, so your private data will never be crawled. That means there's no robot pulling keywords out of your emails to serve you more relevant ads."

-- gizmodo in August 2013

"Kolab is worth your time and money to take a look."

-- Victory Girls in February 2014

"The company is located in Switzerland, where it can presumably resist NSA pressure to fall in line"

-- engadget in August 2013

"MyKolab is a pretty full-featured product that provides not only webmail, but also calendars, tasks and mobile synchronization features."

-- gigaom in August 2013

"The servers are literally nestled in the safe and neutral mountains of Switzerland. You don't get much more secure than that."

-- gizmodo in August 2013

What Our Users Say About Us

"The exclusive use of Free Software, a clear focus on the protection of user privacy and the highly professional web interface makes mykolab unique among the hosted groupware solutions. It feels great to be the customer instead of the product, for a change!"

-- Volker S., Ravensburg, Germany

"I've just paid the newly-issued invoice and can't begin to tell you how HAPPY I was to do so. MyKolab's focus on privacy and security is increasingly important yet it is one of very, very few companies that is taking users concerns seriously. Thus I wish MyKolab much success!"

-- Brad Zimmerman, Krakow, Poland

"I decided to join MyKolab because I care a lot about privacy and human rights. This is probably the best company I've ever seen. Your data are their main concern. You're not only enjoying a respectful service, you're also supporting Freedom and Free software. And the staff is incredibly friendly and qualified. I just... LOVE MyKolab."

-- Hugues M.V., Paris, France

"I've chosen MyKolab because it's a service that expressly and specifically endorses and promotes privacy, freedom and security. I'm more than happy to pay for this account and I applaud your efforts. Keep up the good work!"

-- Dane Grace, Huntington Beach, USA


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